3 simple techniques for enhancing the effect of daily visualization practice

A nice combi of Law of attraction, ideal day visualization and tapping!

When you are taking your life in another direction and use visualización techniques, 3 tips here that I use to make the process easier and increase the impact.

I recorded the video above because later in the day we had an online meeting with the Dutch and Belgic SFM members on the Law of Attraction. 

One way to give yourself the belief that another life can be real is by experiencing it as real already. With a few simple techniques, you can make it easier to tap into your future image.

It is like applying the reaction of being worried or scared because you imagine something may happen – it doesn´t matter if the thing happens real or not, your sensation is real and with that if feels real and you interpret it as real.

What matters and impacts your thought, feelings, believes and SENSATION of reality, it is what you interpret.

And because of the law of attraction, you attract this reality.  This is similar to positive ideas or imaginations, when you feel them and can live them as though already, they are real. 

Have a look at the video and later apply the simple tips while doing your DAILY FUTURE VISUALISATION.

The tapping facilitates to allow the energy flow in a more natural way – without much of the thoughts and worries interfering.

When you are practicing your ideal day visualization, use these 3 tips to give it a bigger impact.

They are easy steps. The video automatically shows the Tapping in silence video that shows the points to tap on.

Enjoy !