3 tips to get you natural on video online

Watch the short video and put into practice to get yourself natural online.

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It is not from one day to another that I became more natural on video.

You maybe like me earlier: When I try to expose myself online a big tension comes up.

First, there were technical struggles to start, but then the emotional confrontations came.

For most persons, it is not easy to be themselves in real life. Hence it is not strange that when they want to expose and send out personal messages online, they find a large barrier to do so.

My suggestions:

  1. Be yourself, donĀ“t offer something you do not have
  2. Practice 50-90 times uploading a video
  3. Release the blocked emotions you notice when recording, uploading or publishing

One way to get more natural online is by practising and doing. In this way, you will learn that all the worries you have are worries and by doing you can overcome many barriers. To me, it results easiest to use Matrix Reimprinting and EFT to clear barriers, also for going online. If you like to get online and are aware that something is holding you back, then click on the link to my website and book a session.