3 tips for a healthy basis in your business

Do you want to improve your business? Have you considered to take care of a healthy basis to work from? You may recognise that it is not the same to work with a cold or a flue than when you are rested, relaxed and healthy. There are a few things I learned and incorporated into my daily practise and that is easy and proven to be effective.

The daily practice of meditation is important for me, but you may prefer other activities like Yoga or sports to get to your centre. Working on emotions is difficult to start with for many persons. The 3 tips I have here, are to include nutritional additives to your diet.

One of the nicest things I experienced as a member of the community of Online Entrepreneurs is that they promote is a healthy basis to start working from. As my friends and nutritional specialists also recommended they stress the importance of sufficient water throughout the day.

One of the key ingredients to a healthy basis is in your nutrition too. I didn´t like the idea of thinking much about what to prepare and which products to get from the shop. But bit by bit I am improving my body.

Last week I joined a presentation of Dr Britt Cordi (cell biologist and producer of Organic Wheatgrass juice) where she gave 5 tips to get to a healthier basis.

They are easy to incorporate into daily life. The exercise is the one that is not that easy to me.

The best is that I have already incorporated three of her 5 tips into my daily life. These don´t require much more effort than to remember them every day:

  • 1,5 – 2 liters of water you may take for FREE
  • Organic Wheatgrass Juice (Fresh/Defrozen, Outdoor grown; I have a package delivered every two months to my home)
  • Omega 3 BALANCE oil (I also receive at home)

Today I uploaded a video on YouTube on How to take the Wheatgrass juice. You can see how simple you can incorporate this. I and my family notice a healthier basis with this.

Such small simple things can make a difference. Of course, for me in additions to meditation etc.

To come back to the Online community of entrepreneurs I mentioned, it is nice to see and here there that I am not the only one that sees the importance of optimising the functioning of body and mind to get the best out of your business too.