Online offline align

It is easy nowadays to start an online business because there are many easy and accessible tools. Nearly anybody who con work a bit with a computer and establish regularly an internet connection can do it.

Ones you are inspired and you really see that the online marketing is a key for you to live the life you want to, than the main difficulty you will be facing is to keep going forward on that journey.

In the period that I am on the journey I could see others like Matthew building from scratch his online business. Others have developed three or four times my income. Thing is not to be motivated and keep going, but to get back on track when the going gets tough.

And very often it is not because of the technical stuff … However being in this community with other spiritually mind liked persons it is a lot easier to reconnect and again see and feel the bright light and life.

The video below I made for those that appreciate the seminars from Abraham Hicks and Ester Hicks. They describe so well the importance of becoming the vibration that matches what you want to materialise in your physical experience, and to reconnect again and again.

Have fun with this video, it is one of my first real ads that is being prepared for a wider audience right now by google.

Damm it is so difficult not to stumble over all the words …