How to re-connect with your inner-peace to create a pleasant workspace

Do you experience re-current events where you are physically or mentally under attack or do you notice your own tension building up in discussions? May it be the sensation you have when you feel under attack, independent if there really is an attack?

When the tension is building up for whatever reason, the comfortable constructive state from which to act disappears. Before getting back to your business actions or get to resolve a situation, it results powerful to me to get back in peace.

Watch the intro in the Playlist on ┬┤How to keep your peace while under attack┬┤ and return to your centre before continuing working on your business after a discussion, fight or other unpleasant situation.

I regularly notice the tension and energy coming up that is not going to contribute to resolving the situation. It takes away my attention and I connect to a defence mode that generally is not constructive.

In daily life, I had basically continuously this sensation when persons were nearby. After a retreat with Matrix Reimprinting and EFT, I luckily got to see and especially experience the world from a different perspective.

However, it was not from one day to another that I could stay in peace even though the outside seemed to be attacking. The situation with COVID19 is illustrative for increasing stressful conditions to deal with in daily life. Previously, I would have felt locked up, under attack and with much suspicion. Now I am not affected that much, built up my immune system (in distinct senses) and trust.

You may want to get there too and there are different ways to develop yourself. I learned with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to get back to my centre when I notice tension coming up. Overall, my basis in life has become healthier both mentally and physically which of course contributes to a more relaxed overall state of being.

After putting into practice the coming back to the centre it is possible to see the “attacker” is doing so for a very important reason. The intention is not to attack, but to protect or get back something.

When you can observe the attacker without taking it personally, your reaction and energy changes and you are not putting oxygen to the fire. In this way, you may create a healthier environment for sure for yourself and possibly also for the other.

Through practice, you may see there is no fire and just an inner need to attend to.

Enjoy the Playlist !