Getting back into the flow

We all have those periods in which it just doesn´t go and flow. Sometimes they are days, weeks and they maybe even years.

The requests via email stop to come in, appointments are cancelled generally, nothing really works. There is no progress in success.

Very often, with time, this state passes.

However, there are different ways how you can get back into flow actively.

For me personally it helps to meditate, sit under a tree, do tapping and my better experiences are to dive in with Matrix Reimprinting and reload and reboost on an energy point. Yoga or a good night sleep can be very empowering too.

To my view, when there has been a trigger that made me disconnect from the positive flow. By your subconscious, you are connected to worries and earlier experiences that remind of the one or the thought you experienced when you were triggered. The resetting helps to get back in line.

The video below is illustrative for how you can be disconnected with the positive flow and it seems like magic how the person gets back to have a continuous, almost overload of positive experiences after the resetting with Matrix Reimprinting.

To keep on going forward with your Online business, such resetting can accelerate your process.

To me personally, it feels like a loss of time when I am connected to this state where things just do not work. I apply the concept of first things first and that includes getting back tuned in.

How to get to the working space?

After many little and bigger things, you are finally ready to sit down and focus on your activities to develop your online business. And than…you sit there and look at the computer and feel…aaa, so much to do, but where and how to start now? And I only have these few hours available today.

All those little and bigger things may still call your attention. Of course, you could do some more of those, but than these hours will not be used for consistently work on your online business.

To me one of the most effective tools I have used to reconnect with the peaceful space from which to work efficiently is heartmath breathing.

The video below is a short introduction to this.

Before starting going around in or with your computer or paper, sit down for a moment and follow the steps in the three minute video. You can stay longer in that space and continue the breathing.

Starting to work from that space, results to much more constructive to me. And, above all, I can enjoy the steps and activities that I develop from that moment on.

ave a look and share your experience!

Clear blockages to online business

There are many reasons why persons reject online business, especially people who are working with nature or love direct personal contact. I felt a rejection to all modern technologies that for decades included computers. I had to admit that they were useful tools to organise, store, analyse and present data, but not as a tool to connect people with each other or with nature.

Ignoring computers and the internet was not helping me to go forward within the society, I have to admit that. Now that I use powerful tools to dissolve barriers and convert them into steps to reach a higher level of understanding and consciousness, the online opportunities have appeared to me.

Within our network and community, I see every week how people transform their lives and obtain an alternative income stream with their online business. It is empowering to see the live example around. At the same time, there are many persons that want to take their life and business to another level, but they are held back by what I call inner barriers.

They are normal and common. We all face them continuously. As mentioned I have learned to use different tools. Within our community the technical and strategical tools to build an online business from scratch.

If you ´d like to start or develop your online business and you are slightly aware that there might be emotional barriers holding you back then I ´d invite you to have a look on my YouTube channel where I introduce you to the amazing world and power of Matrix Reimprinting.

You can join our online group by becoming a member. In order to do so, you pop-in your name and email on the page: You will receive and can watch the free online video series and form part of the email group. As a subscriber to my list, we can have direct contact and together dive into and hopefully overcome the obstacles you meet on the way!

I am looking forward to see you there.

Ways to combine healing and business

How about dedicating to healing in the world with an online business? It may sound strange and for some, it may feel like a contradiction, but I believe that when we want to be active in the society there is nowadays a financial aspect in one way or another.

Are you amongst the persons that dedicate their lives to helping others to get to the bright site and facilitate them to breath freely and enjoy life while we have it? Or maybe you love to be shiny yourself while you dedicate what you feel best with, such as a yoga practice, meditation, dancing, arts, theatre, outdoor activities, environmental world-saving actions.

Would you like to organise your life with sufficient finances to do what is truly important to you? I had clear what I wanted to do, but not where the finances would come from. Now I have figured out the way and thanks to being in this amazing community with spiritual mind liked persons, I am not alone working on this. I can help others, whilst also organise and live a financially comfortable life.

You can see if you like to use the online business to generate an income to get your financial and geographical freedom, or to generate an income from what you truly love to do. I hope to reach out to you if you are looking for a way on how to make a living around helping others with the powerful contributions you can give to others in this world.

Have a look on the website too and subscribe for the free online videos

Leave the school trauma´s behind and finally learn

In the first years of our lives, we spend large part of the day together with classmates in school. With time the playing is reduced while homework increases, as least for those that can remain in the school banks. It has been very harsh for me and really I had a very big resistance to school and even more to homework.

It wasn´t till I discovered there had been a few negative events that marked my live. For me too late to go to school with illusion and motivation, but in time to dive now deeper into things. Matrix Reimprinting has helped me resolving those issues. The video below on the remarkable school-related events that had been holding me back from studying.

Luckely now resolved and I am eager to learn. Maybe not all that is put in front of me, but I accept and trust new teachers and enjoy my new learning attitude.

How about you? Were you a good student? Liked to study or had a struggle to follow the guidelines. Are you aware they can still be in the way to learn new things like online marketing?

Leave a comment and see what´s in there and in it for you!

In the same playstream of youtube there are various related videos. May they be an eye and brainopener for you!

Spiritual partners for my online business?

One of the most surprising positive parts of the group of online entrepeneurs that I have joined, is that there results to be a very big pool of thousands of persons with similar constructive healthy positive life ideas. There are so many persons out there at the moment who want to put there energy into the positive tendencies that are there.

Yoga teachers, alternative therapists, nutritionists, travelers, van-life, coaches, singers and artists, share there path and growth. Persons in the group develop themselves ande they find family and friends to share with.

If you like to work together with others on your online business I am quit sure you´ll find an amazing partner amongst these or others you will attract ones taking your steps.

Today just this short share, as I am going now hopefully to pick up my kids after a month of distance….there is the link with my post today: important to share life with spiritually mind liked partners for all kinds of business (including family life…). Very important to connect with people you resonate with!

My YouTube post of today has nothing to do with this directly. Have a look and discover how emotions are influencing all our daily life and work, especially if you or family members experience allergy attacks:

Is physical pain holding you back?

Do you have some pain that is holding you back from working on the computer? And you are working on an online business? Then it is good to know that there are many ways how to work online without days and days of continuous computer work.

Ever considered that you can contract others for much of the physical work? There are, of course, ways how to have an online business whilst your physical pain is limiting your computer work.

Have you considered that there might be an emotional aspect behind those pains? Sometimes (smile, smile….mostly) I have been forcing myself to continue doing something that I do not feel good with. You can imagine that it is not very productive if part of me is not ready to do the physical work.

It is so common that we have physical pains and people tell us that we just have to live with it. However, there is an emotional aspect behind most, if not all, of those. And ones we address these emotional aspects, the body responses in a distinct way.

On the video below you a few examples.

May I ask you to consider if you have any physical pains that hold you back from doing things you need to do? Pop them into the comments!

If you are more curious on how to make an online business even though your body can not do too many of the things you consider required, subscribe to the free online videos and see what that brings to you:

I keep meeting the same barriers?

Are you on a journey? If your answer is yes, then you also may have experienced that you keep meeting similar barriers. Yesterday I finally posted a video that I had prepared days before. The process of posting this video on YouTube is very illustrative for one of my returning barriers. I´ll make a video on this story and dive into it there. For this post, I´ll stick just to the experience that was holding me back for a few days.

Have you noticed ever that you are in an amazing positive flow and all of a sudden you are drawn back? Maybe you have been starting with an online business, or developing your own website with inspiration and positive constructive ideas and all of a sudden you were pulled back. Can it be that something had triggered you and pulled you out of what was such a nice go?

That is what happened to me with the video below. I had prepared it and asked persons involved if they were okay with the posting. For me, it was very important, because I wanted to post every day a new video and also I was worried about the opinion of other persons there. Especially because video content could result in a bit confronting even though it was anonymous. As I didn´t get a reaction after some days, I got worried that I wouldn´t be able to post it. I didn´t feel good with the idea of making another video on the topic, because it was part of a series that I filmed in a row. The first one was the original. I only got half an answer by the late evening that I wanted to have had it published.

What happened internally is that I felt really restless. I reacted more tensed to family situations that normally are no issue and I got a bit of a bad sense of humour. And it was just because I couldn´t go forward and depended on somebody else´s response. I interpreted it was: “because I wanted to respect” the other persons ideas and “they may give a negative reaction that stops me from going forward where I believe I have to go to”.

Frustrated that I couldn´t go on with the posting I tried to push the answer, but it didn´t really help.

I allowed it to take it out of my good flow. Why was it so big for me and did I feel this restlessness? I knew there had to be more behind, so I dived a bit inside with Tapping. After a minute or two, a childhood memory presented itself with an extremely familiar situation. Later today I´ll go and dive into it, but just by recognising the recurrent event, I could draw myself back from the negative energy flow I had connected with.

I stood up and continued the positive flow, but now aware there is something to work on before really boosting further. Importantly, if I wouldn´t have had the stimulanse to keep posting and with that develop a new habit, I would not have dived in. I dared to face what was my barrier and pretty much over came it. It took a day longer to post the video, but there it is and by now with 100% approval. My bad mude could have stayed much longer.

How about you? Do you notice you are drawn back on your (online) journey? Why don´t you post a comment here, share a barrier on your online business and see what it brings up?

Can online marketing rescue my business?

I can give you arguments on why online marketing can rescue your business and add data to support this. However, the reasons why it could help your business are entirely different than mine and those of others.

Below three reasons:

  1. Online Marketing is booming and the digital economy is increasing.
  2. With all changes that are ongoing in March and April 2020, people are looking for resolutions and products and work from there homes more than ever
  3. I can work from a location near to my loved ones.

Let me not go into details on my reasons as they are a reflection of my ideas and reasons. I prefer to invite you to look at your reasons.

Why do you look for reasons to rescue your business in the first place? Give me three reasons why you want Online Marketing to rescue your business and dive into that.

  1. Why are you looking to rescue your business? Do you consider your business is threatened?
  2. What is the element you believe necessary to keep going forward with a business?
  3. Do you trust that another marketing approach can rescue your business?

Do you have a direct answer to these questions? I´d like to invite you to give me three reasons or answer to these three questions above. The argument that you have there is really important. Luckily there are many different ways how you can find a resolution to the conflicts you experience.

Online business can very well be one of them.

Did you ever consider that your opinion could reflect something really important to you?

This short YouTube video to dive into the reasons why your opinion is so important.

Tools and techniques are there, now use them

It is a beautiful day, grey sky and I enjoy it today because the sun is not so hard in my face.

Are you aware that the tools and techniques we need for a healthier functioning of the world and your own business are there? It is time to use them. And than I am referring on all levels. If online business is new to you, you may need to get ideas and experiences on the what is out there.

If you want to grow in your business and change the actual situation you have, it is you who has to do something new, or apply some new tools.

It is all there. Just take them and learn to use them.

I have just uploaded a new video on the YouTube on how I was for many years observing how the world was being destroyed by human. And there the same, we have so many tools and techniques that we can change in a more positive direction, we just need to use them.

The series on YouTube are now starting. Every day uploading a video now. There is some work behind the screens as I am learning on how to get the videos seen by people. Feel welcome to dive in and share!