3 tips to get you natural on video online

Watch the short video and put into practice to get yourself natural online.

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It is not from one day to another that I became more natural on video.

You maybe like me earlier: When I try to expose myself online a big tension comes up.

First, there were technical struggles to start, but then the emotional confrontations came.

For most persons, it is not easy to be themselves in real life. Hence it is not strange that when they want to expose and send out personal messages online, they find a large barrier to do so.

My suggestions:

  1. Be yourself, don´t offer something you do not have
  2. Practice 50-90 times uploading a video
  3. Release the blocked emotions you notice when recording, uploading or publishing

One way to get more natural online is by practising and doing. In this way, you will learn that all the worries you have are worries and by doing you can overcome many barriers. To me, it results easiest to use Matrix Reimprinting and EFT to clear barriers, also for going online. If you like to get online and are aware that something is holding you back, then click on the link to my website and book a session.

How to get natural on video?

I admit that it is not easy for me to expose myself to the internet. The biggest difficulty I have is my completely different faces and outfits.

If you know me personally then you already are familiar with that. But you may also be surprised to see me as a nicely dressed therapist one day and a rough nature explorer the other.

But you know what they have in common? ….
And the nice clothes regularly end up in the river or pond.

One of the more empowering moments of the last year has been that I recognise that it is me. And it is me with my thoughts, ideas, clothes and emotions and they vary. The most important is not what others think about that, but that I recognise that it is me. Where I feel a tension, there is something to clear.

It is a journey and I am very happy I have opened up to the digital part of this world.

And did you know that the majority of persons have a difficulty to expose themselves?

If you have something positive to contribute, and I believe we all have, then making use of the internet you can reach out to many more persons that resonate with you.

One of the big and common blockages to overtake is to expose yourself and trust that it is okay to be you.

Watch the video and clear your blockages on getting out there !

3 tips for a healthy basis in your business

Do you want to improve your business? Have you considered to take care of a healthy basis to work from? You may recognise that it is not the same to work with a cold or a flue than when you are rested, relaxed and healthy. There are a few things I learned and incorporated into my daily practise and that is easy and proven to be effective.

The daily practice of meditation is important for me, but you may prefer other activities like Yoga or sports to get to your centre. Working on emotions is difficult to start with for many persons. The 3 tips I have here, are to include nutritional additives to your diet.

One of the nicest things I experienced as a member of the community of Online Entrepreneurs is that they promote is a healthy basis to start working from. As my friends and nutritional specialists also recommended they stress the importance of sufficient water throughout the day.

One of the key ingredients to a healthy basis is in your nutrition too. I didn´t like the idea of thinking much about what to prepare and which products to get from the shop. But bit by bit I am improving my body.

Last week I joined a presentation of Dr Britt Cordi (cell biologist and producer of Organic Wheatgrass juice) where she gave 5 tips to get to a healthier basis.

They are easy to incorporate into daily life. The exercise is the one that is not that easy to me.

The best is that I have already incorporated three of her 5 tips into my daily life. These don´t require much more effort than to remember them every day:

  • 1,5 – 2 liters of water you may take for FREE
  • Organic Wheatgrass Juice (Fresh/Defrozen, Outdoor grown; I have a package delivered every two months to my home)
  • Omega 3 BALANCE oil (I also receive at home)

Today I uploaded a video on YouTube on How to take the Wheatgrass juice. You can see how simple you can incorporate this. I and my family notice a healthier basis with this.

Such small simple things can make a difference. Of course, for me in additions to meditation etc.

To come back to the Online community of entrepreneurs I mentioned, it is nice to see and here there that I am not the only one that sees the importance of optimising the functioning of body and mind to get the best out of your business too.


How to materialize what you want

Karl Dawson and Kate Marillat titled their book on Matrix Reimprinting: transform your beliefs transform your life. This counts also for your Online Business. The video below is a real-life example of how I used Matrix Reimprinting to attract a new place to live. The belief and realisation that everything I wished for was already had a relevant impact.

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How to re-connect with your inner-peace to create a pleasant workspace

Do you experience re-current events where you are physically or mentally under attack or do you notice your own tension building up in discussions? May it be the sensation you have when you feel under attack, independent if there really is an attack?

When the tension is building up for whatever reason, the comfortable constructive state from which to act disappears. Before getting back to your business actions or get to resolve a situation, it results powerful to me to get back in peace.

Watch the intro in the Playlist on ´How to keep your peace while under attack´ and return to your centre before continuing working on your business after a discussion, fight or other unpleasant situation.

I regularly notice the tension and energy coming up that is not going to contribute to resolving the situation. It takes away my attention and I connect to a defence mode that generally is not constructive.

In daily life, I had basically continuously this sensation when persons were nearby. After a retreat with Matrix Reimprinting and EFT, I luckily got to see and especially experience the world from a different perspective.

However, it was not from one day to another that I could stay in peace even though the outside seemed to be attacking. The situation with COVID19 is illustrative for increasing stressful conditions to deal with in daily life. Previously, I would have felt locked up, under attack and with much suspicion. Now I am not affected that much, built up my immune system (in distinct senses) and trust.

You may want to get there too and there are different ways to develop yourself. I learned with EFT and Matrix Reimprinting to get back to my centre when I notice tension coming up. Overall, my basis in life has become healthier both mentally and physically which of course contributes to a more relaxed overall state of being.

After putting into practice the coming back to the centre it is possible to see the “attacker” is doing so for a very important reason. The intention is not to attack, but to protect or get back something.

When you can observe the attacker without taking it personally, your reaction and energy changes and you are not putting oxygen to the fire. In this way, you may create a healthier environment for sure for yourself and possibly also for the other.

Through practice, you may see there is no fire and just an inner need to attend to.

Enjoy the Playlist !

Using tapping and matrix reimprinting for your online business

In all fields of life, there are moments where you may notice that something is holding you back. Earlier periods in life it was harsh for me to be in society. Progressively it has become pleasant to be alive in the past decade and after securing the comfortable family basis, I devote to my career shift too. The weekly online tapping events are an example of those (click here and subscribe to join the weekly zoom meetings).

The biggest jumps I experience in progress in my life, including in the development of my professional activities, are after sessions with Matrix Reimprinting for which I use Emotional Freedom Technique as a basis.

These techniques help to dissolve barriers and even convert them into steps to reach another level. The effects of this go way beyond the personal field and are expressed in my work.

When developing your business there continuously appear situations that may cause you to redraw your attention or energy from the course you took. That is normal and you may have experienced that ones you get yourself back on track things continue again.

Have you also noticed how your business can be boosted all of a sudden after certain decisions or actions?

Watch an example of how things can really get in a fast track after a session with  Matrix Reimprinting (click on this link).

When you sign up for the Free Workshop Series to explore the online business opportunities (click here), I invite you for a free session of Matrix Reimprinting.

Within the online community that I form part of and especially the group of persons that have joined in via my websites, I want to establish a weekly zoom meeting to grow together and use the Matrix Reimprinting to boost steps on your (online) journey.

Getting back into the flow

We all have those periods in which it just doesn´t go and flow. Sometimes they are days, weeks and they maybe even years.

The requests via email stop to come in, appointments are cancelled generally, nothing really works. There is no progress in success.

Very often, with time, this state passes.

However, there are different ways how you can get back into flow actively.

For me personally it helps to meditate, sit under a tree, do tapping and my better experiences are to dive in with Matrix Reimprinting and reload and reboost on an energy point. Yoga or a good night sleep can be very empowering too.

To my view, when there has been a trigger that made me disconnect from the positive flow. By your subconscious, you are connected to worries and earlier experiences that remind of the one or the thought you experienced when you were triggered. The resetting helps to get back in line.

The video below is illustrative for how you can be disconnected with the positive flow and it seems like magic how the person gets back to have a continuous, almost overload of positive experiences after the resetting with Matrix Reimprinting.

To keep on going forward with your Online business, such resetting can accelerate your process.

To me personally, it feels like a loss of time when I am connected to this state where things just do not work. I apply the concept of first things first and that includes getting back tuned in.

How to get to the working space?

After many little and bigger things, you are finally ready to sit down and focus on your activities to develop your online business. And than…you sit there and look at the computer and feel…aaa, so much to do, but where and how to start now? And I only have these few hours available today.

All those little and bigger things may still call your attention. Of course, you could do some more of those, but than these hours will not be used for consistently work on your online business.

To me one of the most effective tools I have used to reconnect with the peaceful space from which to work efficiently is heartmath breathing.

The video below is a short introduction to this.

Before starting going around in or with your computer or paper, sit down for a moment and follow the steps in the three minute video. You can stay longer in that space and continue the breathing.

Starting to work from that space, results to much more constructive to me. And, above all, I can enjoy the steps and activities that I develop from that moment on.

ave a look and share your experience!

Clear blockages to online business

There are many reasons why persons reject online business, especially people who are working with nature or love direct personal contact. I felt a rejection to all modern technologies that for decades included computers. I had to admit that they were useful tools to organise, store, analyse and present data, but not as a tool to connect people with each other or with nature.

Ignoring computers and the internet was not helping me to go forward within the society, I have to admit that. Now that I use powerful tools to dissolve barriers and convert them into steps to reach a higher level of understanding and consciousness, the online opportunities have appeared to me.

Within our network and community, I see every week how people transform their lives and obtain an alternative income stream with their online business. It is empowering to see the live example around. At the same time, there are many persons that want to take their life and business to another level, but they are held back by what I call inner barriers.

They are normal and common. We all face them continuously. As mentioned I have learned to use different tools. Within our community the technical and strategical tools to build an online business from scratch.

If you ´d like to start or develop your online business and you are slightly aware that there might be emotional barriers holding you back then I ´d invite you to have a look on my YouTube channel where I introduce you to the amazing world and power of Matrix Reimprinting.

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I am looking forward to see you there. https://wouterdevriesonline.com/start/home