Chances are that you have popped in on this website, because you´re curious about the opportunities there are to take your life or business to another level.

Are you familiar with possibilities to convert the trading-time-for-money-system into an online business that can generate income for you 24/7, even when you are offline yourself?

Or are you an advanced user of the internet and looking for how to scale your business?

Maybe you are more like me, with a focus on a life closer to the family and being tuned in throughout the day and facilitating the shift to a healthier world for human and nature?

Being it one, the other or any other, I´ve focused this About section to provide you with background information to facilitate a considered step forward on your journey.



If you want to skip this About part you are welcome to go and explore further.

You will soon discover the professional team and organization that serves persons from newbies that want to start a first business to millionaires with decades of experience.

Maybe you look for how to become rich fast online or get your products sold in no-time? In that case I hope you take disappointments as a challenge for growth! You will find examples of those who manage to generate 6 or 7 figure income with online marketing. However, all that I know had to undergo a transformation. There are ways to transform fast, but it requires practise to learn and apply new things in life.  

You will find on this website and in many others information that you can use to start or develop an online business. Are you ready to do the work and have the structure in time-finances-space? Than you can directly purchase high product offers via the How it works page. To be honest, it would surprise me if you do so. Most probably you prefer to have a look to the Free Workshop Serie and figure out options with steps that are reachable for you already.

The companies this site reflects on, provide more information and technical support than you can process or you need at one time. I dare to state this and you can find out soon by yourself, for one of the fruitful experiences I had was to see the transparency.  

That is also why I´d like to share with you that I am an affiliate for the system and offers from these companies. This doesn´t make me a specialist in online marketing. So, don´t be surprised if I forward questions on that area to the amazing professional mentors and tools.

Do you foresee any difficulties or barriers on your path? Anything that might be holding you back from developing the life you want to live? Have you already popped in your name and email on the START page? If no, than ask yourself what is holding you back ? And take a step forward to figure out if it that “holding you back” was really surving you. 

Doesn´t it look professional enough or are you afraid it is too high a level for you? Let me ask you than: why did you go this website? There is not much more than what you have already seen in a glimpse.  Nearly anybody with a bit of experience with a keybord, a computer and an internet connection has enough basis to start and learn. 

I became an affiliate because I saw and felt there was personal and emotional support too. If you prefer to turn your back to blockages and stay in your life-standard, this most probably is not the right place for you.

Let´s be honest, we all face barriers in daily life. Are you aware of any that might be holding you back from subscribing to the Free On-Demand Workshop Series? You may not be aware of what they are at this moment, but here I´d like to share with you that for me barriers are the steps to go to a higher level. My specialisation is to facilitate others to transform their barriers and create pathways where previously there seemed none.

When you subscribe via this specific website that you are on now, it allows you and me a direct communication as you will be on my mailing list. You can send me an email to open a conversation as well. At the same time, you are free at any moment to unsubscribe from the list.

I appreciated so much myself the personal approach of my referral partner that was  possible thanks to registration via his website . We built up a relation and in real life several months later it was like meeting an old friend!

You might wonder what he did? Well, he opened a door for me by catching my attention with his life philosophy and inviting me to explore the opportunities with the booming digital economy.

Later on I understood that by registration via his website, I guaranteed that products I purchase are linked to his affiliate account. This means as referral partner he can receive a commission, while for me the price remained the same.

Congratulations to you for you have already taken a step forward by serving on this website.


A bit on me Wouter de Vries

I devote my journey to contribute to the healing in the world for human and nature. I was born in the Netherlands (1976) and as a student started my still continuing travel through Europe.  

I lived pretty much isolated from society and off the asphalt roads, much of the time within nature reserves, biosphere reserves and biological reserves.

Twenty years I have specialised in amphibian conservation, with a focus on threatened species and natural ecosystems in Europe. My grandfather said: “that they invest in bird conservation, ok. But, in frogs, that is ridiculous”. However as an Technical Engineer it was possible.

Summing up periods, from 1999 I live in Spain. Since I was working-living 1 year in Poland, 1 Estonia, 1 Denmark, 2 Netherlands and months in France, Germany and England.  

My vision was to obtain as much information as possible and educate other people for reaching faster a more sustainable world. I devote to develop nature reserves and protect species so they will still be around at the moment that human decides to adapt to a healthier life.

When my two daughters were 3.5 years old, my focus amplified. I was so stressed out that I considered it was healthier to leave my family if I wouldn´t change. I dived into myself, dissolved barriers and realised I had been escaping into nature. That changed my perspective on life and the world. I discovered I could feel happy within my own body and enjoy life since to an ever growing extend, also outside nature reserves!

Fascinated by the life changing effects of Matrix Reimprinting and EFT, I became a practitioner in 2015. I combine now the various disciplines, but the urge to be out in nature far away from human is gone.

My new family has expanded with a young boy and the two daughters of my partner. As our boy announced his arrival, I promised to provide the family. I was aware that it included private education (Montessori), as my personal school experience wasn´t positive and it was important to me to allow the children to stay as closest to themselves as possible.

Also outdoor living and ecological food were a basical need. With time we have added more outdoor activities and holidays, for us and the children. Income didn´t come via my new path with therapies, meditation and writing, but we got enough finances via my old project lines. However, with time I got tired of the continuous traveling and did not feel fulfilled any more.

Among others, if felt I was wasting the life opportunity I have not only for myself, but also to serve others. After 2 years I decided to really go for my new calling and that was the moment the online marketing appeared on my path.

My working life has changed, my traveling life has changed and above all, my devotion is back and I feel spot on. Joining the community has empowered me, for I am not alone on this path and am supported. The tecnical stuff I can learn with the guidance and tools, but for keeping going forward the community feeling is very important too.    

I am working in my old and new carrier, and traveling didn´t reduce, but I am growing and motivated. I see the opportunity to not realize, but live my life focused on a healthier world for human and nature. That includes not just myself and my family, but goes wider to humanity and the world.