How to get natural on video?

I admit that it is not easy for me to expose myself to the internet. The biggest difficulty I have is my completely different faces and outfits.

If you know me personally then you already are familiar with that. But you may also be surprised to see me as a nicely dressed therapist one day and a rough nature explorer the other.

But you know what they have in common? ….
And the nice clothes regularly end up in the river or pond.

One of the more empowering moments of the last year has been that I recognise that it is me. And it is me with my thoughts, ideas, clothes and emotions and they vary. The most important is not what others think about that, but that I recognise that it is me. Where I feel a tension, there is something to clear.

It is a journey and I am very happy I have opened up to the digital part of this world.

And did you know that the majority of persons have a difficulty to expose themselves?

If you have something positive to contribute, and I believe we all have, then making use of the internet you can reach out to many more persons that resonate with you.

One of the big and common blockages to overtake is to expose yourself and trust that it is okay to be you.

Watch the video and clear your blockages on getting out there !

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