Getting back into the flow

We all have those periods in which it just doesn´t go and flow. Sometimes they are days, weeks and they maybe even years.

The requests via email stop to come in, appointments are cancelled generally, nothing really works. There is no progress in success.

Very often, with time, this state passes.

However, there are different ways how you can get back into flow actively.

For me personally it helps to meditate, sit under a tree, do tapping and my better experiences are to dive in with Matrix Reimprinting and reload and reboost on an energy point. Yoga or a good night sleep can be very empowering too.

To my view, when there has been a trigger that made me disconnect from the positive flow. By your subconscious, you are connected to worries and earlier experiences that remind of the one or the thought you experienced when you were triggered. The resetting helps to get back in line.

The video below is illustrative for how you can be disconnected with the positive flow and it seems like magic how the person gets back to have a continuous, almost overload of positive experiences after the resetting with Matrix Reimprinting.

To keep on going forward with your Online business, such resetting can accelerate your process.

To me personally, it feels like a loss of time when I am connected to this state where things just do not work. I apply the concept of first things first and that includes getting back tuned in.

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