How to get to the working space?

After many little and bigger things, you are finally ready to sit down and focus on your activities to develop your online business. And than…you sit there and look at the computer and feel…aaa, so much to do, but where and how to start now? And I only have these few hours available today.

All those little and bigger things may still call your attention. Of course, you could do some more of those, but than these hours will not be used for consistently work on your online business.

To me one of the most effective tools I have used to reconnect with the peaceful space from which to work efficiently is heartmath breathing.

The video below is a short introduction to this.

Before starting going around in or with your computer or paper, sit down for a moment and follow the steps in the three minute video. You can stay longer in that space and continue the breathing.

Starting to work from that space, results to much more constructive to me. And, above all, I can enjoy the steps and activities that I develop from that moment on.

ave a look and share your experience!

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