Ways to combine healing and business

How about dedicating to healing in the world with an online business? It may sound strange and for some, it may feel like a contradiction, but I believe that when we want to be active in the society there is nowadays a financial aspect in one way or another.

Are you amongst the persons that dedicate their lives to helping others to get to the bright site and facilitate them to breath freely and enjoy life while we have it? Or maybe you love to be shiny yourself while you dedicate what you feel best with, such as a yoga practice, meditation, dancing, arts, theatre, outdoor activities, environmental world-saving actions.

Would you like to organise your life with sufficient finances to do what is truly important to you? I had clear what I wanted to do, but not where the finances would come from. Now I have figured out the way and thanks to being in this amazing community with spiritual mind liked persons, I am not alone working on this. I can help others, whilst also organise and live a financially comfortable life.

You can see if you like to use the online business to generate an income to get your financial and geographical freedom, or to generate an income from what you truly love to do. I hope to reach out to you if you are looking for a way on how to make a living around helping others with the powerful contributions you can give to others in this world.

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