Leave the school trauma´s behind and finally learn

In the first years of our lives, we spend large part of the day together with classmates in school. With time the playing is reduced while homework increases, as least for those that can remain in the school banks. It has been very harsh for me and really I had a very big resistance to school and even more to homework.

It wasn´t till I discovered there had been a few negative events that marked my live. For me too late to go to school with illusion and motivation, but in time to dive now deeper into things. Matrix Reimprinting has helped me resolving those issues. The video below on the remarkable school-related events that had been holding me back from studying.

Luckely now resolved and I am eager to learn. Maybe not all that is put in front of me, but I accept and trust new teachers and enjoy my new learning attitude.

How about you? Were you a good student? Liked to study or had a struggle to follow the guidelines. Are you aware they can still be in the way to learn new things like online marketing?

Leave a comment and see what´s in there and in it for you!

In the same playstream of youtube there are various related videos. May they be an eye and brainopener for you!

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