Is physical pain holding you back?

Do you have some pain that is holding you back from working on the computer? And you are working on an online business? Then it is good to know that there are many ways how to work online without days and days of continuous computer work.

Ever considered that you can contract others for much of the physical work? There are, of course, ways how to have an online business whilst your physical pain is limiting your computer work.

Have you considered that there might be an emotional aspect behind those pains? Sometimes (smile, smile….mostly) I have been forcing myself to continue doing something that I do not feel good with. You can imagine that it is not very productive if part of me is not ready to do the physical work.

It is so common that we have physical pains and people tell us that we just have to live with it. However, there is an emotional aspect behind most, if not all, of those. And ones we address these emotional aspects, the body responses in a distinct way.

On the video below you a few examples.

May I ask you to consider if you have any physical pains that hold you back from doing things you need to do? Pop them into the comments!

If you are more curious on how to make an online business even though your body can not do too many of the things you consider required, subscribe to the free online videos and see what that brings to you:

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