I keep meeting the same barriers?

Are you on a journey? If your answer is yes, then you also may have experienced that you keep meeting similar barriers. Yesterday I finally posted a video that I had prepared days before. The process of posting this video on YouTube is very illustrative for one of my returning barriers. I´ll make a video on this story and dive into it there. For this post, I´ll stick just to the experience that was holding me back for a few days.

Have you noticed ever that you are in an amazing positive flow and all of a sudden you are drawn back? Maybe you have been starting with an online business, or developing your own website with inspiration and positive constructive ideas and all of a sudden you were pulled back. Can it be that something had triggered you and pulled you out of what was such a nice go?

That is what happened to me with the video below. I had prepared it and asked persons involved if they were okay with the posting. For me, it was very important, because I wanted to post every day a new video and also I was worried about the opinion of other persons there. Especially because video content could result in a bit confronting even though it was anonymous. As I didn´t get a reaction after some days, I got worried that I wouldn´t be able to post it. I didn´t feel good with the idea of making another video on the topic, because it was part of a series that I filmed in a row. The first one was the original. I only got half an answer by the late evening that I wanted to have had it published.

What happened internally is that I felt really restless. I reacted more tensed to family situations that normally are no issue and I got a bit of a bad sense of humour. And it was just because I couldn´t go forward and depended on somebody else´s response. I interpreted it was: “because I wanted to respect” the other persons ideas and “they may give a negative reaction that stops me from going forward where I believe I have to go to”.

Frustrated that I couldn´t go on with the posting I tried to push the answer, but it didn´t really help.

I allowed it to take it out of my good flow. Why was it so big for me and did I feel this restlessness? I knew there had to be more behind, so I dived a bit inside with Tapping. After a minute or two, a childhood memory presented itself with an extremely familiar situation. Later today I´ll go and dive into it, but just by recognising the recurrent event, I could draw myself back from the negative energy flow I had connected with.

I stood up and continued the positive flow, but now aware there is something to work on before really boosting further. Importantly, if I wouldn´t have had the stimulanse to keep posting and with that develop a new habit, I would not have dived in. I dared to face what was my barrier and pretty much over came it. It took a day longer to post the video, but there it is and by now with 100% approval. My bad mude could have stayed much longer.

How about you? Do you notice you are drawn back on your (online) journey? Why don´t you post a comment here, share a barrier on your online business and see what it brings up?

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