How to combine different disciplines into one online world

Do you believe, or are you willing to believe that it is possible to create your own life? Can you combine what you love into one online world in which you are aligned?

Use what you love and what you are good in to make your day and life marvellous.

I love to facilitate others to get from dark places with fear and worries into loving, joyful life.

I devoted my life to nature conservation and nowadays that includes the human being. For years I struggled with how to combine my various fields of interests. As I decided to make use of the online world, that changed.

I now form part of a community that doesn´t only give technical support for my online career. The best is that I share there with spiritually mind liked persons that have a similar way of thinking and that share my beliefs. I am supported on my path technically and emotionally.

This week I finally brake through and really combine the distinct areas together. On my youtube channel you can see what they are. Within our online community and on this website I am posting now my online progress.

Taking advantage of my inspiration today, I made about 10 short videos on one of my passions: matrix reimprinting. An incredable tool that has helped me and thousants more to overcome barriers. I ´ll upload the 10 bit by bit, as I am adding text description on the youtube.

After the videos, I link them forward to the YouTube information film on career shift that is on this website. By combining YouTube, this website and publishing on FaceBook all is connected.

If you have questions on how to combine your different areas of interests into one beautiful life, then question what is stopping you from contacting?

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