YouTube channel linking

A few weeks ago I finally launched my YouTube channel. It took long, as this website, to decide and overcome the barrier to show my real face. Me with my various life-lines and specialities. Now that I have accepted that I am the main link between my interests, fascinations and passions and that it, it has become easier.

Even though the Youtube is not about online marketing directly, this will also be reflected there. I will link the channel and videos to the online website.

At the moment I am uploading videos on the EFT, emotional freedom technique, and Matrix Reimprinting, because I love to use these tools to overcome barriers and facilitate others to do so too.

These tools I´d like to offer in coaching sessions/webinars for my online-marketers. We all get stock regularly and with EFT and MR many barriers can be taken more smoothly.

I´ve uploaded the video on a person that could not work on the computer anymore because several fingers were sleeping. In a few minutes, his hand was about back to normal. Curious, than have look on the Youtube:

For me this is the first step to join my YouTube with this website. And even though small, it took very long as I didn´t see myself what was the link between one-and-another.

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