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How to start an online business, if you have no idea on computers nor business? The answer can be so simple: by doing and making that start. And, as you do that, you will find the following barrier that you can transfer in an opportunity to learn and grow.

Of course, we don´t need the internet marketing for that, but why not make the combination to learn and grow and at the same time transfer your income stream or carrier?

For months I felt empowered to get going the basic structure for the online business and a specific affiliate marketing product to learn with. But I wasn´t aware off my barriers to publishing. Six months ago I had a first basic website prepared and it is just now I realise the obstacle I keep facing is to publish content.

Here I go and Start with my next step on the online journey and write block posts. So many persons said to start it, so many examples, but I had not sat down to dive into “why do I not start writing”?

I had excuses that I didn´t see. Initially, I thought there was no need for a blog. Ignoring the lower voice that wondered: what is a blog. Starting with videos was much more my thing, and I put my attention on that first. There I face the same difficulties as on the blog: what should I share with who?

The thing is, I am learning by doing and as I have learned I see that my previous acting wasn´t that interesting, good, etc. That makes me regret I had already put it out to the world and hence, appears a circle of not wanting to put anything out really and no steps forward and no steep learning curve.

Putting things together, I have come to the conclusion, to start this blogging and the learning is to be satisfied with my learning and development as it goes, accepting previous steps and don´t wait till all is as an experienced online marketer would put content out in the world.

The blogs can be on the online business steps, with emphasize on my learnings also on a deeper level.

It feels so good, to finally write and publish a post!

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